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This is my column at El Nuevo Día, the highest circulating newspaper in Puerto Rico. Its in Spanish and focuses on travel destinations for people between the ages of 20 and 30 (i.e. without much money). I try to give each one a spin, focusing on something a little different than your typical touristy fare. Hope you enjoy!

Rincón, un pueblo insólito
My "controversial" fourth installment on the western Puerto Rican town of Rincón.

Dónde comer en Manhattan
Where to eat below 14th Street. Think Katz's, Momofuku, Corner Bistro and more.

Una noche de juerga en Madrid
Basically what to do after you're done being a tourist. Un recorrido de los sectores de La Latina, Chueca, Hurtas y un poco de todo lo demás...

Como perderse en St. John
The first issue! The theme was the Caribbean and I chose St. John, an island with great camping, hiking, beach going, and a few decent pubs including their own brewery.