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5 Food Places I Wish I'd Take Advantage of When I Lived in New York
I don’t miss living in New York. It’s a difficult, cold city if you’re not head over heels in love with it. But I also think back on all the missed opportunities—the places I now wish were only a $2.50 subway ride away from me, the flavors and atmospheres I missed and the ones I should’ve been devoted to instead of wasting my time on… other places I don’t currently miss or even remember.

Drinking and Travel
Most nights started with a box of wine. They cost the equivalent of 50 cents down at the potraviny—the Czech version of a New York deli—and were the perfect pregame agents. My flatmates would cut a corner off the top and insert a straw, drinking it like a box of juice while they applied make up, swapped shoes, and tried on new dresses and shirts. When they eventually got to the club they would have a shot or six of becherovka or vodka, followed by several large pints of excellent beer. And this was their routine every night for four months.

Soup and Sandwich
There are some decent America-style places in San Juan—Camille’s, Saint-Germaine, Ponte Fresco, to name a few— where you can order fancy ingredients like sundried tomatoes and spinach on 7-grain bread. But the real action is in the dozens of little Spanish bakeries scattered around the Metropolitan area.

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