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Friday, August 27, 2010


Feels like all I talk about lately is New York.

Its like that scene in Mean Girls when pre-cocaine Lindsay Lohan is talking to her friend about how much she hates Rachel McAdams and that's ALL she talks about. I guess its not entirely inaccurate to say New York is that hot girl in school that's also a bully and who is absolutely fascinating for some reason.

Below are the links for the respective articles. Two out of three are about food (surprise, surprise). And, not gonna lie, pretty excited to go visit the city in October on the heels of my London trip.

Free and Cheap in New York City: Guest post for the CheapOAir blog. Late fall is the best time to visit New York: the weather is cooling down but the outdoor events are still going on. Last chance to visit Governor's Island, enjoy some food truck waffles in the middle of Times Square, and stroll through the Cloisters while the leaves start changing colors.

Dónde comer en Manhattan: My latest Escapadas article about (relatively) cheap but always interesting and good restaurants below 14th street in Manhattan. On the list, among several others: Katz's Deli, Momofuku Milk, and Corner Bistro.

I'm also including some deleted scenes from my column that were cut because of space. It includes a few other places worth checking out when wondering how to best stuff you face in the city that never sleeps:

Calles para explorar
Bleecker Street: Recorriendo el West Village, en esta calle encuentras tiendas boutique de productos artesanales. Entre los sitios para visitar (que quedan uno al lado del otro) están Amy’s Bread, Murray’s Cheeses, Faccio’s Italian Specialties y Porto Rico Coffee Importing.
MacDougall Street: Con una mezcla particular de comivetes israelís, restaurantes Italianos y clubs de comedia, MacDougall tiene algo para todos. Mamouns Falafel es uno de los chichorros más reconocidos en el Village donde un falafel te sale a $2.50. También puedes tomar un café en la acera y mirar la gente pasar en Caffe Reggio.
St. Mark’s Place: Comienza en Astor Place y termina en Tompkin Square Park, St. Mark's Place es una de las calles con más color y actividad en el Village. Restaurantes asiáticos comparten la cuadra con barras de cerveza y "headshops". Para una experiencia fuera de lo común prueba Kenka, un restaurante de tapas japonesas con un ambiente… particular. Llega hasta Crif Dog, para hot dogs extremos y una barra estilo “speakeasy” escondida detrás de un teléfono público dentro del local.
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  1. I've spent a grand total of less than two weeks in New York, and I still miss it. I want so badly to live there, even if only for a year or so.