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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheat Sheet: Spanish Bakeries

Medianoche: pork, ham, swiss cheese with mustard and pickle on yellow egg bread. (Light)
Cubano: pork, leg ham (some places serve it with sweet ham, Altamira included), swiss cheese, mustard, pickles, sometimes shredded lettuce and sliced tomato on pan criollo (soft, baguette-like bread).
Choripan: Spanish chorizo, sweet ham, swiss cheese, on pan criollo.
Caldo Gallego: a Spanish stew consisting of shredded cabbage, diced ham, chorizo sausage, white beans, potatoes, and greens.
Mondongo: tripe soup.
Sancocho: a Puerto Rican stew with lots of root vegetables, shredded chicken, and ham.
Croquetas: Deep-fried, cylindrical pieces of heaven made with a seasoned flour batter and stuffed with either ham, chicken or fish.
Quesitos: Sweet puff pastry full of sweet cream cheese and glazes with sugar. [see picture]
Pastelillos de carne: Savory puff pastry stuffed with picadillo—seasoned ground beef.
Pan Sobao: a very soft, sweet white bread.
Pan de Agua: a soft, baguette-style bread
Café: generally means coffee with hot milk, if you want it black then ask for a Café Negro, if you want it with cold milk, then you’re in the wrong place.

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