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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things Change

Things change, and one thing that seems to change consistently is the name of this blog. And I’m not going to apologize for that. Currently its taking on its third and probably most drastic transformation, which only makes sense since 2010 has so far, for its author, been a year of drastic transformations.

When I started this blog in April 2009, my intentions were to write about food. I stumbled around the kitchen and the blogosphere and eventually figured out how to make it entertaining for you. I learned which postings people liked (recipes + humor= win) and erased most of the early ones. By the time I hit Austin, I had enough people reading my rants to feel like I actually had a proper food blog. A small one, I was perhaps the Monaco of food blogs, but I knew what I was and what I was doing. And who doesn’t like Monaco?

Smash cut to a year after I started this blog, to me repacking my belongings into boxes and suitcases, a plane ticket in my name that read AUS to SJU, and calling my parents to tell them the good news—I was going home next week—and the bad news—I wasn’t leaving.

Yeah, things change.

But one of the biggest changes that came with being back in Puerto Rico—aside from having to learn how to write picture captions in Spanish, getting used to the intense heat, and not having Tito and Spider around—was giving up control of the kitchen. I fought the good fight as my earlier posts indicate but at the end of the day, why make food when someone else has already made some and its better than yours? So I let Carmen win.

Rather than shut down this operation I decided to reconstruct it and expand it. Since I can’t cook as much anymore and I’m traveling a lot—I’m going to write about that. As my mom and my friends like to complain about me, since I arrived: “no paro la pata.” (I won’t stay still.) Hence the name change. I picked this title in particular in honor of the last film I ever made back in NYU. The three words mean shark, in Spanish, English, and Czech (if I figure out a way to rip the video I will post it).

No worries, recipes will occasionally pop up and while I'll try to keep as much of the style I've developed as I can, I'll also include a cheat sheet about the place in case you’d like to go, too.

But just so you know to what degree things have changed: here’s a picture of Ziggy, one of my PR cats. She doesn't have as many issues as Tito but the cute factor will compensate for that.


  1. Your adoring fans will follow you whatever route you take. :)

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate it. I know you only come here for the cat pictures but that's fine by me. ;)